Steps Toward Building Relationships

As a drug test equipment provider, we at CMM Technology recommend the power of building relationships with other businesses and yourSaliva drug test customers. These relationships are all encompassing, building rapport and bring you closer to making return customers and return clients on all levels. When building this rapport, it is important to understand the people with whom you are dealing and to be able to place a high level of trust in the employees or managers you send out to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, some individuals are dangerous liabilities to your company, since they are not able to help themselves from engaging in alcohol or drug abuse. This means that, on a fairly regular basis, you will need to use employee drug testing. Certainly, this is a fine goal to shoot for, but there are very simple ways to follow through on this idea and make sure that it gets done.

CMM Technology provides the urine drug tests and saliva drug tests to screen for AODs and we recommend our Medix integrated pro-split cup 6+6. We make drug testing in Western Australia really simple, and we do it effortlessly.

When you are building relationships with your clients, you absolutely must employ trustworthy people to build them. If your employee is not following company policy, even if they are really good at this relationship building, they are not loyal to you and can potentially steal your clients away from you. It is therefore really important to keep their loyalty and to test for compliance with your own regulations. In some industries, screening tests are a requirement, but this may not be necessary for your business. It may, however, be a really good idea that you still implement because of the low employee turnover and protection of your assets and employee safety. These are all really valid concerns, and all types of relationships are important to build.

That includes the relationships between yourself and your employees.

In addition to following through on company protocol, build relationships and friendships with your employees by protecting them from abuse from coworkers. Show them that you care by using employee drug testing. Call CMM Technology today to order your supplies: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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