Staying Strong under Pressure

The trick with staying strong under pressure is that you must see that theDrug Free Workplace pressure itself is not physical and that even really obnoxious superiors cannot take that fact away from you. With that in mind, you must allow yourself to see the situation in an emotionless state of mind. This is like a doctor not becoming too attached to his patient’s pain or like a nurse doing what is necessary to heal her patient, even when the feedback is strongly negative.

To get the job done, no matter what, under pressure, you must be willing to turn off your emotional reactions and see the situation for what it really is, in the light of the truth.

That is not to say that you must avoid positive thinking, and indeed spinning for a positive turn is much better than allowing the reality of it, should it be a really bad reality, to get to you. However, before you can be hopeful, you must see it with honest eyes. Then, no matter how bad it is, you can look forward to progress upward, rather than being unrealistic about the matter and hiding your head in the sand, like an ostrich.

Urine drug tests and saliva drug tests are great for determining who is truly able to stay strong under pressure. Someone who is working mechanically or who suddenly becomes alternately amiable and obnoxious when the pressure hits may be drugging themselves in order to deal with the pressure. Neither drugs nor alcohol can truly deal with this fact fully, and they cannot suddenly make your employees fit for duty. They must have a clear head.

Onsite drug testing is done by our sister company, Mediscreen, but we provide drug test equipment, breathalyser devices and other equipment in order to make sure that your jobsite is safe and truly under control. Employee drug testing is the safest way that you can ensure your worksite is steady, rather than being chaotic. CMM Technology also offers a recalibration service for your current drug test equipment. For more information about oral fluid drug tests, call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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