Stable Minds and Higher Returns

There is something to be said for high quality self discipline. When people think of self discipline, particularly thoseStable Minds and Higher Returns who are not disciplined at all, they often think of sacrifice or self sacrifice, neither of which seems like something that they would wish to invest in. however, self discipline should really be thought of as a form of investment. When someone has a quiet stable mind, they are able to review and evaluate services and production without allowing those things to affect themselves. It is this devotion to taking care of your own boundaries which assures that others cannot cross over them and which gives you the inner confidence to know that you can easily and successfully defend your own personal boundaries.

Stable minds come from exercising self discipline with regard to your own decisions. Your decisions should be made for yourself and for only yourself. Other people can be benefitted by them, but they should not be the reason why you make them. As long as your own personal needs and desires are not being directly met by your decisions, then you are sabotaging yourself in a pretty direct way. However, the counter-argument might be about being selfish and not allowing anyone else into your world.

Setting and enforcing personal boundaries and making decisions on your own behalf are not selfish. Deliberately stepping on someone else who you dislike in order to get there might be, but the original reasons are for your own benefit. You cannot give love to others when you have not given yourself any love. You cannot pour compliments and praise upon others if you do not first pour compliments and praise upon yourself. The proof is in the pudding. If you cannot give something effectively to other people, then you may not have any of it to give. First, fill up your own reservoirs, then pump it out to neighboring oil wells.

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