Solidifying New Foundations

Solidifying New FoundationsHumans grow by their very nature, and through this growth, they find new truth and new love, both of which are necessary in order to even survive. However, when we reach new territory in our personal growth, it becomes necessary to solidify our new foundation before we can build anything on top of it. How does one go about solidifying new behavior and new information? Should you keep going and keep growing, stopping only long enough to spy the next target and then push towards it?

The truth that habits are built gradually, but new growth can occur rapidly. It is important to habituate previous good behavior and information utilization in order to have a higher habit to return to if new growth should give way. In other words, if you do not work on making your new foundations stronger, then if something up ahead should not be reliable, you have much farther to fall and must start back over again at a much lower level. If you think about it, this is similar to building a large tree house.

In the beginning, you must make sure that the ladder is well anchored at the top and at the bottom and that it is strong in between to support a variety of weights. If the ladder should go, then you could fall. Next, the foundation of the tree house must be built on strong core branches or it will break and you will be back to standing on the ladder. After that, you must make sure that the walls of your tree are perfectly aligned and nailed to the tree for extra support. The roof must be able to withstand rain, snowdrifts, and hail.

If, at any point during the building process, the next level is not built sturdily enough, you can end up on the ground with a broken bone or two. Each new foundation of the house must be built as strong and as solidly as the last. Habits are these solidified foundations in our lives, upon which we fall when new growth in our lives does not hold up. While growing can be fun and occur rapidly, concentrate your time on the habit.

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