Societal Values

breathalyser,lion alcoblow, drug free workplaceSocietal values change over time. What was considered appropriate fifty or two hundred years ago are not necessarily considered appropriate today. At one time, marrying your cousin was a sign of breeding within two or three high class families and it was considered an appropriate thing to do, especially among the wealthy. Today, even remotely familial marrying is considered slightly (or more so) questionable. Over time, things which were not considered polite or respectful are now used as necessary parts of our everyday lives. At one time, drug and alcohol testing in the workplace had been considered a violation of privacy, and yet today nobody truly minds being asked to take a drug test or to use an alcohol breathalyser device. This is because it is widely used to determine if an employee is fit to work, is competent, and whether or not they are a potential danger hazard. At one time, a man’s (or woman’s) promise was as good as a signed contract. If an individual broke their promise more than once in the same area, they were discredited by reputation and were deemed a dishonest, not-to-be-trusted citizen. Today, legalities determine what is appropriate and what is not, and our ability to scientifically test for drugs and alcohol within a person’s system has become very handy to many companies.

The fact is, drug abuse and alcoholism from an employee does, indeed, discredit the company for which they work. With so much awareness of the symptoms of drunkenness and drug influence today, even clientele may be aware of this situation when they come in contact with it. Whatever the case, the employer should not have to take the brunt and possible loss of revenue due to such disrespectful behavior. There are very few societal values which would give leniency with regard to drug addiction or alcoholism, especially within a place of business. Customers should always feel safe and secure when conducting their daily transactions, and workplace drug testing is part of this assurance. If not for the customers, employee drug testing should at least be implemented for the safety of your employees. Coworkers should never be in a position of danger or harm due to a fellow coworker. Contact CMM Technology today in order to find out more about workplace drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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