So Many Types of Drugs

So Many Types of DrugsThere are so many types of drugs in the marketplace today. From legal to illegal and from extremely dangerous to fairly innocuous, the number and variety of drugs is enough to make your head spin. Any competent chemist would be amazed at the number of drugs which are mixed and combined to make new chemical compounds, all of which can seriously harm the body if not separated and administered by a medical professional.

Today, designer drugs, drugs in their purest forms, and both legal and illegal drugs are available for kids to bring to “pharma parties,” which are parties where everyone brings drugs they find their medicine cabinets, and all of these drugs are thrown into a hat or some other container, and each person receives a random drug as it’s drawn from the hat.

As you can see, there is no limit to how badly these chemicals can mess with their bodies, especially since none of these have been prescribed to match their body chemistry and are being taken in a specific amount.

Many kids die at pharma parties every year. It’s the norm for this to happen on a fairly regular basis.

Your employees are just as responsible for their actions as you are for yours. However, your company can have a liability if one of your workers brings drugs or alcohol into the workplace or is high or drunk at any time they are on this property. That makes the legal situation for you a little more complicated. You now must really make sure that none of your employees are in any way affected by drugs or alcohol while they are at work. You can ensure this through the use of alcohol tests and drug test kits.

Drug testing in Western Australia is an organism, just like the businesses it serves, which must be maintained and upheld by high quality drug test equipment and good onsite drug testing. Our goal as a drug test equipment distributor is to make testing equipment available to as many companies as possible. CMM Technology is proud of our reputation in the drug testing sector. Call us today to find out more about why: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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