Small Acts of Closeness

Small Acts of ClosenessSome people want an excuse to get closer to their spouses or partners. Some people want an excuse to draw away from their close friendships. Closeness is subjective, the need for it is fluid, and the use of closeness must be handled very carefully. Getting too close too fast can lead to irritation, or even contempt. The trick is to be aware of the connection between you and the other person at all times. When they draw near to you, draw near to them, but a bit slower. When they pull away, watch to see if there is a desire for you to push or to leave them alone.

Closeness is so highly subjective, and is yet an art form with which anyone can become intimately acquainted. If you learn the art of closeness, then you are learning a valuable lesson in human relations. My writing is enjoyable to me, all of it. There is a fine line between closeness and codependency, and that line consists of how you see the other person.

Do you see them separate from yourself, or as part of yourself? Codependency is based upon using the other person to fill yourself up and make yourself a whole person, rather than the incomplete person which you are or feel like you are when you are by yourself. Closeness, on the other hand, is based upon two individual who choose to overlap parts of themselves, but not all of themselves, in order to experience the other person and share their own lives at the same time. there is still a big distinction between closeness and codependency.

Allow your employees to become close, without getting to close, through the use of employee drug testing. When someone abuses substances on the jobsite, they are isolating themselves from everyone else, even people they share the experience with. Screening tests are available to help you discern who is bringing their distorted perspectives into the workplace and who is not. Drug testing in Western Australia is dependent upon these screening tests.

And where do you get them?

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