Slacking Off With Style

Slacking Off With StyleIf you are a true slacker, then you are probably already doing it with style. Slackers are essentially small scale predators who are looking to get paid to do nothing and who spend all of their time in unproductive activity. Obviously, they do not hurt anyone directly by doing this, but they dilute the effectiveness of your company and they severely lower morale in their coworkers…who are doing all of the work for them. You see, allowing slackers to get away with the same paychecks as those who are actually doing their jobs is a great way to lower morale in everybody.

However, there is another kind of slacking off. This kind is full of possibilities and it has to do with not taking your income or yourself too seriously. Slacking off can be productive if done in the right way. This is, after all, how business mavericks and highly successful entrepreneurs pull it off. They think of an idea, and they implement system which they can think up fairly quickly in order to make that idea into a fully functioning reality. They are called slackers, occasionally, but they know what they are doing and they do it best.

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