Skin Disease and Drug Addiction

alcohol testing australia,clinical medical marketingWhen eliminating debris or toxins, the human body naturally moves everything outward, toward the skin and away from the vital organs. With this in mind, one can see how liver or heart disease is much more dangerous than skin cancer. The overall movement of the particles in the tissue indicates that skin-related diseases are much more easily curable than vital-organ-related diseases. This is also why you may see a bump under your skin for one or two days and then it is gone, having been eliminated in the bathroom. This is simply a particle which was moved outward and then removed from the body altogether.

Skin cancer, melanoma, acne, cysts, boils, rashes, and other skin problems are usually indicative of what lies below, even if that is not the same problem. When you are embarrassed or agitated, your skin blushes. When you are cold, your skin turns white or blue. When you are hot, your skin sweats to cool you off. If your liver is backed up or dysfunctional, your skin turns yellow. Think of your skin as a meter or gauge and it gives you different indications of the activity below it. It is very difficult to have a health problem and for your skin to not show what it is. Often, though, individuals choose to ignore their gauges and treat the surface without treating the cause underneath.

Alcoholism presents itself in the skin through bloated, swollen redness, a permanent flush, usually accompanied by pimples or whiteheads, to indicate how often the drink is enjoyed. Over time, the skin of a cigarette smoker becomes loose, dry, sallow and aged in appearance. Various drugs take their toll in different forms, sometimes by whitening the skin and removing all natural fat from underneath it, and sometimes by forming discolored patches on the skin.

When any type of skin disease is accompanied by drug or alcohol abuse, the skin has a hard time concealing the array of problems occurring underneath, and it frequently indicates this through a variety of features, from boils to cysts, and from growths to open wounds. If the skin is unhealthy, you can bet that the individual is just as sick.

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