Sitting Down All Day

BreathalyserIf you have ever worked in a busy office environment, or as an underling taking calls and helping phone clients, you know what it is like to sit down all day. Some people experience a cutting off of blood circulation, while others experience getting restless or feeling as if they need to move around a lot more.

Unfortunately, these jobs do not come with an immediate escape or way to get more movement. You will, instead, have to be more creative. Many employees take advantage of their smoking break to go outside and abuse drugs or alcohol. They do this because it takes the edge off and helps them not be so stressed out.

There is a way around that. Taking responsibility for your work and for making the organization or company better is part of enjoying your work and your life as a whole. It is a part of life fulfillment, and your choice is all it takes to be better at your work. This is not how many people think, though. They often make their happiness dependent upon external circumstances, which is a dangerous way to live your life. External situations will inevitably let you down, since they are not always under your control. Choosing to be happy and resilient and smart and to keep growing is a personal decision, not contingent upon anyone else.

CMM Technology provides a way for you to keep track of which employees are looking for an illicit outlet and which are conforming to company policy and bringing value to your business. We provide drug testing through our drug test kits and our personal breathalyser devices. Our recalibration service is really worth something, and we give you everything you need to recalibrate your current breathalysers, as well as ones you buy through us. Our business brings employee drug testing to the entire nation, and we are proud to serve Australia. And if you find yourself desiring to get up and move around after a long day’s work, simply take up a sport, which will regulate your heart for active and resting periods, making both times functional to your body. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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