Sickness and Drug Abuse Prevention

Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug Test, BreathalyserWhen you are sick, any type of pain or discomfort relief is welcome. Drugs, often legal pharmaceuticals, can have such a pleasant and desirous effect upon your system that you wish to continue those pleasant feelings after the sickness is over. This longing is the beginning of a light dependency upon pharmaceuticals, which is a mild form of drug abuse. Of course, if you give in to these feelings and spend a lot of your time indulging in unnecessary but legal pharmaceuticals, this is definitely a very real type of drug abuse and should be treated immediately, perhaps including treatment in a rehabilitation facility. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace and in the home becomes necessary in these types of situations, where the individual is not choosing to exercise self control and is potentially putting their coworkers, clients or family members in physical danger. In fact, workplace drug testing, especially random testing, is an excellent way to help your employees to not give into their weaknesses. These weaknesses are just temporary and when they pass, they are as if the individual was never tempted at all. It is up to you and up to them, however, to make sure that these urges really are just temporary.

When you have an employee who is sick, they are already potentially putting their coworkers in danger of becoming sick and we all know how this can spread through the air, through light physical contact, and through other forms of exposure. Drug abuse prevention is part of your workplace safety protocol, but it is always best to send employees home who can potentially cause more sickness in others. It is also a good idea to watch out for them returning to work too soon after they have recovered. Not only are their bodies weak from the illness and they are more likely to slow down the productivity of others due to this, but their immune system may not have yet completed the set of required antibodies which would also spread through physical contact and help others to stay healthy. By waiting an extra day or two before you allow them to return to work, you are helping them to stay strong and helping keep your other employees out of harm’s way, which is the responsible thing to do.

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