Sharing Slices of Your Life

Sharing Slices of Your LifeWhen you are out with good friends, it is easy to share slices of your life with them. It is easy to trust them with fat tidbits of information about yourself, and to laugh over old stories. It is difficult to do such things with strangers who you do not know enough to trust. When you are with friends, you have a certain amount of information about them, and you can really adapt to their feelings and vice versa. With strangers, talking about your intimate life is like walking around naked. It is just not something you do in public.

You can generally tell when someone has a substance abuse problem. While their behavior will differ depending upon where they come from, someone who spills their guts more than the average native of their area is likely to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It reduces inhibitions, and all of a sudden their entire life story comes out.

While that can be interesting, it can also be quite tiresome.

In the workplace, you must be able to set personal and professional boundaries between yourself and those with whom you work.

You must be able to instill a sense of walled in space around you. Without these boundaries, the sociopaths and con artists of the world rule on high. With them, you have control over your own world and you can keep people outside it or let them into your world at will.

When it comes to addicts, it is easy to con people. They know they need their fix, and they do everything in their power to get it. Rules and morals are out the window.

Do not allow such thinking to overtake your business, or to even be a part of it. Use employee drug testing and alcohol breathalyser devices to determine who is of this mentality and who is not. After all, the workplace is a safe place. One should never feel trapped or tortured in their workplace. Get some urine drug tests with built in adulterant tests like the kind we distribute all over Australia. In fact, drug testing in Western Australia has never been easier: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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