Separation of Money and Responsibilities

Money is a sensitive subject to a lot of people and the lower their ownSeparation of Money and Responsibilities emotional intelligence, the more sensitive they are about it. Money itself bears ties with emotional maturity, and these ties see to it that the most mature have the most wealth, and those with the most wealth are required to exercise the most maturity.

An interesting phenomenon has occurred here in the twenty first century. People have to deal with direct money less and less. Instead of being paid in cash, and then purchasing things they need in cash, all of their purchases go through online bank accounts, online credit card statements, and even physically handling paper bills has become obsolete. Now, the connection with money and the inherent responsibility thereof are severed, stretched and distorted from our lives. We cease to think of money as an asset and as a material object which we obtain in exchange for goods or services, but rather as an ethereal subject which wavers incoherently between shopkeepers and customers.

In fact, money is such a forbidden substance that, if at all possible, those with low emotional intelligence avoid the subject or the judicious use thereof as much as possible. This is a bad thing, since your employees must understand and have a closer relationship with money. They are expected to receive their paycheck and utilize it in such a way that provides them with a better and growing lifestyle and provides your company with better energy and a growing attitude, instead of a stagnant one.

There was once a time when all an employee had to do was to advance through the ranks of a company until they found their position of greatest strength at which point they would settle down and make a career out of it. In today’s world, we must foster this attitude of growth and personal accountability and excitement for the future through the use of simple and effective company strategies, not the least of which is employee drug and alcohol testing.

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