Separating Your Life from the Addict’s Life

If you have lived with an addict, are related to an addict, or work with an Drug testingaddict, then you know exactly how hard it can be to separate your life from their life. Their low quality energy is so strong that it sometimes overpowers and drags down your high quality energy. Their habits are so survivalist that you can sometimes forsake your own better, healthier habits for theirs. Their mindset is so toxic that you can soon forget what it feels like to think like a normal non-addicted person.

When you go about extricating yourself from such a painful position, remember that the other person is not developed fully emotionally and that they will most likely take even the slightest suggestion that you might bring to them as heavy criticism. Addicts are so well attuned to taking things personally that, if they found out that you had not discussed some matter with them; their take on it would have been that you could have come to them and explained yourself and that they would have understood.

After being around an addict, you must surely know that that would not be the case. It is extremely difficult for a self destructive individual to give anyone else more leniency than they give themselves, and they give themselves continual condemnation.

Alcohol and other drugs, or AOD as it is commonly called, stands for drug testing for not only alcohol (a drug) but all other drugs, legal/prescribed or otherwise, and this often takes place at work. Employee drug testing is based upon taking responsibility for the actions of those who are subordinate to you, or more specifically, taking responsibility for how fit they are for duty. It is very important to remember that urine drug tests and saliva drug tests cannot fix the problem. They can only make you aware of the problem. The next step is deciding if your company policy will be to immediately terminate employment or to give them one or two more chances before termination. To ask for more information about drug test kits and how to find out if your staff is fit for duty, call CMM Technology today:(+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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