Self Tutoring, Tutoring Others

Education and the way that education is learned and put to use is an interesting phenomenon. Many governments and educational committeesSelf Tutoring, Tutoring Others seek to make education better, but it really does not matter, because education is a fickle subject which only a few people really, truly understand…even if many people excel at it.

Academia is one of the most important factors in education, or so it would seem. The truth is, learning is only useful when it is put to good use, but it can be extraneous or even detrimentally used. What happens if you learn something that you never use or if you abuse your education for evil?

The truth is, powerful people use their power and influence BECAUSE they steadfastly, consciously, and purposely put their education to use, whether or not it was academic.

Sometimes the pressures of what is out there to learn can seem daunting. If it helps, not everyone is learning something all the time, and few people will concentrate on understanding a situation to the extent to which you are planning to learn it. That really reduces your competitive ratio, and it also makes you feel that much more accomplished when you do begin rising through the levels of understanding and application.

Hands on experience is one of the most important factors in education. If you think about children, you will notice that they do not consider very many things to be outside of their reach. This is true, particularly if they have not jumped off of the porch roof yet.  However, if you are looking to improve your business, one of the best ways is through hands on experience and through setting an example.

Your example is the most powerful form of influence that you can possess, and it really carries a lot more weight than your words or your intentions. We all know the moral about the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Setting the example is the most important part of the job you can do for your employees.

So, when you buy drug test equipment from CMM Technology and use it for employee drug testing, remember to use it yourself and to make sure that everyone else knows that you are actively participating in this process. Safety is for everyone, not just the big bosses. Recalibration services are also offered by CMM Technology for your breathalyser equipment. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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