Self Sufficiency and the New Worksite

Self Sufficiency and the New WorksiteToday, you are able to be more self sufficient in your work with less community involvement because of the advances in technology and the ability to distribute and manufacturing products on an individual basis.

Self sufficiency has also never been more rewarding. Now, you can make and create and idealize just about anything, dream it into reality, mass produce it, and make a killing off of it. Money is available from every part of the globe, and thanks to the foreign exchange market, currencies have never been more liquid.

This is the time to produce great products, get rich off of it, and understand markets and how they will behave in a global environment, not just in a nation’s specific environment.

The new worksite has global communications which cost little or nothing at all. Cloud commuting means getting up, going to work from your computer, and getting projects done outside of the office, from anywhere in the world. Businesses seek to handle their projects on a highly personalized platform, and all of this is available through the world wide web.

Drug test equipment is still needed for companies which work together in the same office. The idea is to not only provide safety for other employees who work in the same office as a potential abuser, but also to protect company assets from people who would be desperate or cunning enough to embezzle. Those without morals are likely to have fewer morals due to their altered brain chemistry. Drug addiction and alcoholism are two very dangerous, very degrading diseases.

They take the human out of you.

They rob you of the last shred of individual spark or spirit you might have left.

CMM Technology not only provides these drug tests kits, but also breathalyser devices and a NATA Accredited breathalyser recalibration service for equipment which you may already have up and running. We seek to bring even more self sufficiency to your current worksite through the use of employee drug testing, which enables you to effectively evaluate your staff members.

This is no small job. We take it very seriously. To order testing products from us, call CMM Technology here: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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