Self Respect and Attracting Clientele

Self Respect and Attracting ClienteleSelf respect is the absolute best way that you can sell yourself to clients and business associates at any point in time. While self confidence is touted as the number one seller, self respect actually gives you an internal feeling of self worth, personal boundaries, and realization of just exactly how much crap you are willing to take in a business deal. This respect for yourself shows quite clearly to potential customers or clientele, and it demands a certain amount of attention and respect from them, as well.

Now, wait a minute, this does not always mean that you receive business. Why is this so? Well, not everyone is prepared to continually, for more than a few days at a time, give you the respect that you are demanding. This is not the time to start giving in and settling for something less. Instead, start to alter your entire lifestyle to the point where you are giving yourself enough respect, and then everyone else’s abilities or lack thereof, even in the professional world, will mean less.

Of course, now that your newfound and newly advertised self respect is shining out and bringing in new clientele, you will notice that it will start bringing in an entirely new class of clientele. When this starts happening, allow your schedule and your marketing schemes to relax enough so that, when these high quality clientele begin seeking you out, you are not still imposing your old rules and strategies for client acquisition. That worked for a lower class of client, but now you must allow yourself to change with the times. If you cannot grow and change that much, you will end up attracting what you can handle, which will be the previous type of client.

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