Self Control or Out of Control

Drug Testing, Employee Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestIn polite society, self control is considered a positive attribute and being out of control to be a negative one. This accepted standard is sometimes refuted by the example of immensely successful entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, who notoriously thought outside of the box, and were formerly condemned for their innovative and seemingly controversial ideas. In the past, workplace drug testing has been criticised for a multitude of reasons, but now drug and alcohol testing on the jobsite is widely accepted and supported. Which is better: to have self control or to be out of control?

It depends. We begin by examining having self control. Research by Mark Muraven and Roy F. Baumeister indicates that self control does not necessarily exist in an unlimited supply. It seems to be a consumable resource which, after being used once or twice in a particular area, loses all validity. The researchers initially compared it to a muscle which, having been used a great deal eventually gives out, but their assessment has provided ample evidence that self control is even weaker and in far less supply than the resources of a muscle. It is a bit like drinking a glass of water and then allowing time to slowly drip water into the glass to fill it up again. Workplace drug testing is excellent for those times when self control has effectively been used up, and your job tasks still need to be completed by competent people. It keeps everything moving along smoothly.

Now we will discuss being out of control. George Loewenstein talked about visceral (instinctual) behavior and how it is affected by hunger, sex drive, fear, drug addiction, pain, and so on.Loewenstein describes decision making as being the product of sociological patterning of what should be done and what is preferred to do along with information analysis in a strictly visual and scientific way. He describes how decision making is no longer tied directly in with instinctual reactions and so habits (or strengths) are not formed to control and manage these reactions. This is why drug abuse and reactions to fear and emotional blackmail are so effective. The individual is essentially uneducated and inexperienced with using their instincts as a tool, rather than a form of lashing out. Drug and alcohol testing is especially effective to control this reactive behavior, especially when it is motivated by the intense desire to abuse drugs or alcohol.

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