Secrets of the Deep

Human like secrets, and they really like to keep secrets. Secrets, or the Oraline saliva testswithdrawal from saying what is directly on your mind as you are thinking it, are important in both business and personal lives. Of course, many couples tell each other that they do not want any secrets from each other, but this is a slightly inorganic way of going about this process. For example, are you more likely to tell your new spouse or significant other a secret if they are aggressively pulling it out of you, or are you more likely to tell them after some time has passed and they have demonstrated not only their loyalty with your trust but also how they react reasonably well to the news. After all, isn’t that why anyone keeps a secret from their romantic partner; because they are afraid of how the other person will react. This is, of course, a very reasonable concern to have. You do not want to hurt them, but, perhaps even more importantly, you do not want them to think negatively about you. It is this concern over the strength of the relationship and the love for which they bear that causes many secrets to be kept within a couple, or within business partners, or between colleagues.

We cannot be afraid of the truth, and we must take responsibility for the fact that we want the truth, which may not agree with our personal views or desires or hopes for the future. This is why many small businesses do not find themselves testing their employees for alcohol or drugs. There is an innate concern about the business relationship, the friendship, whether or not they will stay, and of course what they think about you for implementing these techniques. Fortunately, the business does not have to grow very large before these fears are put to rest, and employee testing is brought in. To help you with these techniques, CMM Technology provides and supplies companies throughout Australia with Oraline saliva tests, Medix drug test kits, Lion Alcoblow breathalysers, and LifeLoc FC10 personal breathalyser devices. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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