Screening devices and training

cost of drug testing, drug test equipment,urine drug testYour drug and alcohol testing devices need to be properly operated and used. CMM Technology allows you access to full and thorough online training programmes so that your own workplace screening programme can run efficiently and smoothly.

Simply selling screening technologies and devices without adequate understanding of the products and technologies can severely jeopardise the drug and alcohol testing component of your Fitness for Duty policy and your Occupational Health and Safety procedures. For full optimisation of a testing programme, it is important you understand how your sourced testing products work and it is vital your staff carrying out the testing procedures are clearly trained to perform testing as per instructions. A sensible fiscal outlay for training results in less wastage, less error with tests, and greater accuracy and streamlining.

CMM Technology offers training and also proficiency testing for the following products they supply:

  • Oraline Saliva Drug Test
  • Operation and use of Medix Integrated Pro-Split 6+6 Urine Drug Test
  • Operation and use of Medix Integrated Pro-Split Urine Drug Test
  • How to operate and use the Alert J5
  • How to operate and use the Alcosense PRECISION Breathalyser
  • How to operate and use the Alcoblow Breathalyser
  • How to operate and use the HH1 Breathalyser
  • Onsite Drug Testing Documentation – and shipping procedures for Saliva[1]

The CMM Technology training courses are particularly suitable and convenient because of their online status. These training components and proficiency tests can be performed from your own home or office environment and can therefore be incorporated into your daily work or home routine without the need for expensive and time-consuming away-from-work seminars and sessions. They are also considered a component part of many Risk Management strategies.[2]

Proficiency made easy

CMM Technology also understands your need to keep proficiency testing as smooth and as easy as possible without compromising quality or the need for passing tests that measure a thorough level of understanding. For this reason, they have developed a multi-times proficiency testing approach, which means that your employees or trainees who have found initial proficiency testing difficult, can re-sit the tests again and again until they reach a desired level of capability. This process augments and consolidates the real knowledge and real practice – fundamental to well trained drug and alcohol screeners and testers.

AOD testing is a part of modern business and industry. When next purchasing your drug and alcohol screening devices and technologies, be sure to enquire about the thorough device training options offered by CMM Technology. Proper testing procedures and a full understanding of how to perform them will save you and your organisation time, money, difficulty and wastage. Speak with CMM Technology’s specialist staff soon about their up to date online training options for your employees. Telephone CMM Technology on +618 1300 79 70 30.



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