Science and Marijuana: The Gray Area Drug

A book by Clifford Pickover, titled The Beginner’s Guide to Immortality, discusses many different topics in a Science and Marijuana: The Gray Area Drugwell-organized but seemingly erratic way. The focus of the topics included the effects that mind altering drugs have on the general populace’s views on immortality. Pickover cited several past scientists who supported the theory that Jesus Christ was believed to have used mind altering drugs in some of his healing practices. He also cites scientists who have attempted to study the health and mental benefits of marijuana, but of their subsequent failures receiving appropriate clearances to do so from the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, as well as other blocks received in other countries of study.

The interesting thing about Pickover’ s research is that harder, more toxic drugs, such as heroin and LSD, were able to be researched quite easily and, if the marijuana research proposals hinted at finding the detrimental (as opposed to the positive) side effects of marijuana, they were also approved. This means that there are widespread restrictions placed upon the study of possible beneficial side effects of marijuana, whereas the same restrictions seem to be nowhere applied to the study of potential benefits of drugs such as LSD and heroin. Why would this be the case?

It seems that, since marijuana is a gray area drug, one that does not easily fit into a hard drug category, there is greater concern among the medical community and the regulatory commissions that it may become a worldwide commodity which everyone ingests or inhales on a regular basis, like many other prescription drugs.

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