Running Away from Dreaded Issues

Drug test equipmentIf you are anything like the author of this piece, you have plenty of experience in sidestepping problems and making sure that you can slither around any potential issues which seem to be coming your way. However, there is one problem with this. While you may be successful in avoiding problems in the future for a long time, any time you can’t escape having a problem, your lack of experience will make it very difficult to deal with the few problems which do turn up in your life. Trust the author, this is a very real situation.

What happens when you put a cast upon a perfectly healthy bone and muscle group? Well, your leg or arm will not be able to move functionally and so therefore will lose the function that it already has. The muscle will grow weak, the bone will become weaker, too, and all of this because you put too much protection around a perfectly healthy leg or arm.

The same situation applies in personal or internal growth. Unless you practice dealing with life’s circumstances, preferably while you are a child and a teen for most of them, then you are internally strong enough to handle all of the problems which life brings you later on. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it makes future problems look a lot less daunting, not to mention making your need to sidestep problems a much smaller need.

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