Riding the Wave of Anger

Riding the Wave of AngerAnger is an effective tool, and it is used for many destructive purposes, both rational and irrational. Through anger, we can fight back against our deepest fears, and we can also realize some of our most hidden dreams. Anger is a hot, fiery, driving force which can settle into cold actions and become extremely destructive or it can push someone forward, faster and faster, with more determination and drive, to accomplish what they have set out to do. Many things can cool anger, from understanding to respect to abject terror to forgiveness, and it may well be worth it to cool anger long enough to establish a good line of communication between two people. However, it can also be used to realize goals and dreams, but it must be harnessed properly for that.

Anger, in order to be useful, must be unemotional. In other words, anger must take on an unemotional slant, where it is being used as fuel, but not as the ignition or the fire itself. When individuals succumb to anger and explode or become violent, they are using it as the ignition and the fire, but not as steadily burned fuel to satisfy a productive requirement.

Again, anger is a tool, not a weapon, and should never be used as such.

When employees show up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are succumbing to emotions which they are not holding under control, but to which they are giving their power and their resources. It is unfortunate that so many people abuse these substances, since it deprives them of power and discernment and abundance, slowly starving them of their life and of all the good things which they used to hold dear. Isn’t it interesting how we promise ourselves one thing, and then deliver another?

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