Resume/CV Gaps Caused by Substance Abuse

 Alcohol Test, Employee Drug Testing, Drug & Alcohol TestingThe business world is highly competitive and you must always put your best foot forward. If pre screening tests and employee drug and alcohol testing shows drug use, then you could lose your job. However, you may have been unemployed during past times of drug misuse, and this will show as gaps in your employment resume. It is important you continually think of and monitor your career growth, even if workplace drug testing did not catch you “in the act.” Drug  use shows itself in many ways, and your career will reflect past behavior. What can you do about employment gaps cause by substance abuse?

First of all, recognize that a change of behavior is required. Unless you are receiving treatment and support concerning your past addiction, employee drug and alcohol testing will show lapses in your future work experience and in your productivity. This means that you must learn to control your stress spikes in other ways than abusing drugs or alcohol. Any company may give you drug testing or alcohol testing for any reason, and it is in their policy to protect themselves.

Secondly, hold yourself accountable for any mistakes which you do make. Trustworthiness of character is not built by never making mistakes. It is built by taking responsibility for your actions or lack thereof. In your job interviews, be honest about your past and your previous flaws. Also be honest about what steps you are taking to make sure that you do not regress and fall back into old patterns. Your new employer may keep an eye on you, but employee drug and alcohol testing is not just for your benefit. All employees must be tested, and your new behavior will soon be reflected in a solid company reputation.

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