Resolving Dissention about Drug Testing

Drug Testing,Drug & Alcohol Test,Alcohol TestIt will come as no surprise to you that some of your employees feel that employee drug and alcohol screening is both barbaric and in violation of their privacy. We are sure that they have used even more colorful phrases to describe this process, but you get the idea. Dissention can cause a lot of problems, including causing otherwise contented employees to feel that their job is unfair and unreasonable and to complain openly about this, causing even further dissention. This is not something which you can necessarily control or “crack down on,” but it is something which you can resolve, much as you would resolve conflict in an employee dispute.

The first step in resolving dissention is to give your employees more room to breathe and allow them to voice their opinions openly and in a safe, secure setting. Much like bottling poison, the more you try to wall it in, the more concentrated it can become. Instead, dilute and diminish the energy by giving your employees more space, instead of less. Not only will they feel less out of control, but they will be able to get a lot off their minds which may have been festering during their career with you. This is not just a matter of “clearing the air,” but of helping them feel more in control of their surroundings, and therefore heard and valued and more content with their jobs.

The second step in resolving dissention about drug testing is to be open and honest and clear about the physical steps involved, as well as the financial and relational reasons why they are being implemented. In fact, it has been proven many times that employees who understand why and how they are being tested are more likely to actually support employee drug and alcohol testing, rather than find fault with it. It is a matter of knowledge leading to understanding. Tell your employees to ask you any questions which they may have about the process or the underlying reasons, and then be sure to follow through with coherent and detailed explanations of what is going on and why you are doing it that way.

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