Replacing People in Our Lives

We often foster and build relationships in our lives, but most of the time it is not for the reason that we say. Humans are inherently selfish creatures, and denigrating and putting down that feature of ours will not make it any less true, in ourselves or in others. It is almost as if we were meant to be selfish. If, in being selfish, we benefit others in the process, then so much the better. This is part of why we are able to go long periods of time in solitude, and long periods of time among people. Humans, by our very nature, have an innate ability to adapt to our surroundings and receive as much benefit as possible from people around us. If the people around us are benefitting our lives, then we have all the more reason to benefit theirs and to foster relationships with them and be good to them. Alcoholics and drug addicts often push people away, because they have the perception that other people are no longer necessary in order for them to exist peacefully and in harmony.

Thus, the replacement of people in their lives begins.

Sometimes, we confuse different levels of friendship. We may think of our friends as our best friends and our acquaintances as our confidantes. We may treat people who consider us a friend as mere acquaintances, and so on and so forth. Generally, two people are not confused about their relationship between each other, but this also occasionally happens. Sometimes, people in our lives need love and kindness, and we take them for granted, or vice versa. Typically, alcoholic and other addicted behavior produces a general and all-encompassing lack of awareness of what other people think or feel in your presence. Of course, addictive behavior tends to lead to unawareness of most things.

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