Religion and Science

Whether or not you practice or believe in a specific religion, you may agree that, higher power or not, religion itself is typically man-made. In fact, religion is one of the best ways in which humans can feel as if they exercise control over their lives. This is already the case, of course, but many people feel as if they do not have enough control over their own lives and often misdirect this and attempt to help others with their lives. This is, of course, not possible because as much as you think you may know about someone, they are a completely different person and are living a completely different life from yours. Even friendly well-meaning advice is often given but rarely taken for this reason.

When we enter what is sometimes called a religious state of mind, we enter a territory which is very familiar to us. Humans observe tradition because it allows people to become closer to one another. Tradition essentially preordains certain rituals to take place and frees the mind up to new ideas which are posed by first creating a safe and extremely familiar territory in which someone can feel right at home. Those of you who had good childhoods are aware of how safe and comfortable you felt at home, and how you were at your most creative when you were in familiar territory which you knew really well. Just as congregations are more receptive to new ideas when surrounded by familiar traditions, just about all men and women are more likely to accept new innovation when they feel connected with familiar people and circumstances in their lives. As long as one part of their lives remains the same, they have familiar territory to escape to if necessary. When scientific innovation and religious tradition clash, humans are more likely to stick with familiar territory. When drug and alcohol testing was first introduced to the workplace, many employees balked at this new idea, because they felt that it invaded their privacy, with which they were very familiar and felt no reason to change.

Workplace drug testing has since become the norm, and employee drug and alcohol screening is used frequently in many companies, both large and small. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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