Reliability versus Consistency

Workplace Drug Testing Okay, when you saw the title of this article, you probably thought, “These are the same thing! Why on earth would I want to learn about the tiny amount of difference between them?” Well, in reality, there is more of a difference between them than you might think. Reliability and consistency are both part of a dependable friend, coworker or employee.

However, they differ in time structures.

Reliability is usually found in the person who can handle emergency situations really well. They are always there for the people who need them, and they always know what to do and how to do it. They are reliable friends, and they handle stressful situations and are therefore good life partners to have.

Consistency, however, is found in people who handle everyday stresses really well. They may or may not be able to handle emergency situations really well, but they do handle everyday life with a lot of smoothness and aplomb.

It is important to have both types of people working for you, and this is especially the case since different people will bring various types of strengths to your business, but very few of them will be really developed on every level and in every way. That is the purpose of having a time of widely varied people, each of whom is particularly strong in their respective areas of expertise, both personal and professional.

CMM Technology provides another way to strengthen your team. Make sure that every employee is following business policies by giving them employee drug testing. Alcohol tests and drug test kits are available through CMM Technology, as is our NATA accredited breathalyser recalibration service. Of course, we consider ourselves both reliable and consistent, and we want to help you strengthen your company in these areas, too. One of the tools to accomplish that is our drug test equipment, which gives you the information you need to make permanent and temporary decisions about your employees. That is the kind of security you should always have in your business. To find out more or to place an order with us, please visit our website or contact CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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