Reducing Company Risk

Employee Drug Testing,  Breathalyser, Workplace Drug TestDrug and alcohol testing in the workplace is all about reducing company risk. There are several forms of risk which must be considered when planning for workplace drug testing at your business. First, there is the risk to current employees. Second, there is risk to current and future customers. And third, there is risk to company assets and financial property. Employee pre screening tests anticipate and prevent all of these risks. Your business is worth protecting by using workplace drug and alcohol testing. Boundaries must be set and enforced in order to safeguard the living breathing organism that is your company.

We begin with risk to current employees. Alcoholism and drug abuse cause impaired judgment and severely slowed reflexes, both aspects which may lead to mismanagement of company equipment, vehicle collisions, and mismanagement of finances. In addition to this, if the individual is impaired enough by the drug, this can lead to inappropriate professional or sexual behavior which may lead to loss of clientele, lawsuits, or at the very least awkward interactions on Monday morning.

Next, we come to the issue of customer relations. Impaired judgment can lead to misplacement of client accounts, offensive business-client interactions, and the development of a negative reputation within the business community. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and you do not want this force turned against your business. Workplace drug and alcohol testing prevents this risk and improves your company image.

Lastly, we come to company assets and financial property. This is important because drug abuse and alcoholism are lifestyle diseases and contribute to thievery, lying, and even outright plagiarism. Even if your employees are behaving appropriately in public, they could be involved with illegal or fraudulent activities with company assets in private. Employee drug testing is available in order to prevent this behavior.

We at CMM Technology understand the importance of reducing company risk and keeping our operations in clean, smooth working order. We would like to invite you to call us and ask about our Medix and Oraline drug testing equipment and our Lion Alcoblow, SD400 and SD500 breathalyser tests. Our experts are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns which you may have about implementing drug and alcohol testing in your own business. We understand that protecting your company assets is a top priority for you and our goal is to help you build the best business possible.  (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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