Really Fat Wallets

Really Fat WalletsPeople with really fat wallets are supposed to be wealthy or well off or comfortable or some other expression of positive bliss. We cannot deny such truth, but this article is about what comes with power. Of course, we’ve all heard the phrase, “With power comes responsibility.” We would like to change that a tad. You see, we believe that unless someone has already proven themselves responsible, they will not gain any power in the first place. People with really fat wallets have already proven themselves to be capable of appropriately handling this power.

Now, when you have an employee who is NOT capable of this, they tend to not use the little power they have very wisely. They are not good stewards, and therefore they are not given any more to be good stewards over. Many employees who abuse their own power also abuse other things, like their bodies, their minds, and illicit substances. There is generally a pattern between those who abuse what they have and those who have very little. To gain more, you need to show yourself capable of handling more. That is a law of nature that is true with just about every resource under the sun, including relationships, connections, friendships, people skills, money, wealth, property, clothing, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

How about that, huh?

Employee drug testing exists so that you can determine who falls where in the above categories. If your employees cannot manage themselves properly, then they really shouldn’t be given access to any of your assets or property or other company resources. Why should they? It takes someone who is already responsible in their own lives to become responsible for external assets. It takes someone who is already a good steward to be made steward over more.

With that in mind, consider our screening tests, such as our Rapid STAT saliva drug tests and our other drug test kits. Whenever you are in need of something reliable and dependable, you have not only people in your resources, you also have good strong equipment. Saliva drug tests are available as well as all other forms of employee drug testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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