Raised Voices

Raised voices are the ultimate expression of fighting, arguing or dissatisfaction. Raised voices tell children that mommy and daddy are fighting,Raised Voices and raised voices put employees on edge when they are trying to fulfill their duties at work. Raise voices are one of the most common stress inducers on the earth.

So what do you do if your employees are raising their voices at each other? The first thing you must do is determine if there is an actual immediate problem. If there is, then be sure to deal with it right away. If, however, your employees are just being petty and juvenile just because they want to, you might consider doing some drug testing of your entire staff. Rampant fighting and bickering often happens when employees are abusing substances. It is an outlet for their newly found self discontent. It is dangerous and it is destructive. You need to know if this is happening, and for that you will need drug test equipment.

Drug test kits from CMM Technology are a great way to complete the evaluation of your employees, and to bring them together in a cohesive piece of information that you can see and read. Employee evaluations are often fraught with subjective opinions or questionnaires which cannot give a true picture of what their performance was like. It is important for employees to know that they are both wanted and protected. This is not possible in an environment where substance abuse runs rampant. It is necessary to be informed at all times of when and if someone is abusing drugs or alcohol.

Raised voices are just a symptom. Through employee drug testing, using things like our Rapid STAT saliva drug test, you can see what the problem really is. If your alcohol breathalysers need to be recalibrated, we even have a recalibration service which can do your equipment too, and not just our own. Whatever it is that you have need of, bring your request to our website and we will find you something that will take care of your drug testing needs. Alcohol tests are available, too. Remember, don’t look at the symptoms. Look for the cause of disturbance in the workplace: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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