Racism in the Workplace

Chain Of Custody, Alcohol Test, Employee Drug TestingAlthough racism has been fought across the centuries by many different nations, it is still alive and well today, and it is definitely a part of the business world. For instance, to some people ‘blacks’ are considered “ghetto” until they demonstrate their well-spoken, educated thoughts. Asians are considered supernaturally intelligent and ultra responsible until one of them makes a mistake, at which everyone is surprised. Whites are considered stuck up and elitist fat cats who do not lift a finger but rest their feet upon the backs of the average joe working man. You name it, there’s a stereotype for it. What does this have to do with workplace drug testing? Everything. You see, drug and alcohol testing on the jobsite is important to everyone’s safety. However, employees may have the perception that things are not very equal between management and lower level staff, between races, and between units of power.

The beauty of drug and alcohol testing is that it has an equalizing effect upon its business surroundings. Drug testing in the office gives results that are objective; laboratory-certified answers to the question of drug use. It is important for management to reveal that everyone, even executives, must be subjected to regular drug and alcohol testing. It is important that all races and genders and ages are tested within the same time period. These facts must be publicized, so that employees do not conjure up inaccurate perceptions within their own minds.

Drug and alcohol testing has an equalizing effect between different stratums of society. The theory that black males are more likely to be arrested than white females is based upon years of data input, which affects the expectations of arresting officers. However, nobody, no matter what their race may be, disputes the accuracy and validity of drug and alcohol testing within the workplace. Everyone knows that scientific evidence is backing up the test results.

Racism is a controversial & ugly topic. Drug and alcohol testing is not. We strive to bring accurate test results to people of every origin or job title by using the best drug and alcohol breathalyser tests. We at CMM Technology understand that you rely upon us to keep your business safe and your employee turnover at a minimum. We take our job very seriously. Call us today: (+61)1300 79 70 30.

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