Quality advice for your “Fitness for Work” policy

Workplace risk requires consistent and vigilant management.  There are a myriad of causes for impaired performance such as fatigue, stress, alcohol and other drugs (AOD) which can lower OHS standards within an organisation. Consequently, many workplaces now enforce a “Fitness for Work” (FFW) policy.

In general terms, to be deemed “fit for work” an employee must fulfill minimum standards in the following assessment areas: physical competence, mental health and emotional health. By determining an employee’s fitness for work or duty, risk is better managed as employees are less likely to cause an accident or be involved in a workplace accident. Moreover, workers’ compensation claims are lowered and workplace performance significantly improved.

At CMM Technology, we can help improve your overall risk management by addressing some of your workplace risks through a well-developed drug and alcohol testing policy. This testing program can in turn become the key assessment tool in your FFW/ FFD policy. However, to ensure your FFW/FFD policy is comprehensive and thorough, it’s highly recommended that your workplace also considers the following:

  • Enlisting the help of professional OHS specialists to assess whether a “culture of risk” exists in the workplace
  • Source quality auditing tools to accurately analyse workplace accidents, trends and causes
  • Clearly  stipulate what key assessment criteria will be included in your FFW policy and communicate these regularly to staff and management
  • Seek professional and legal advice to help effectively implement a FFW policy
  • Enlist additional support services in the form of OHS training and EAP referrals
  • Select appropriate drug detection technology to facilitate FFW assessments
  • Train supervisors and collectors in the management of fitness for work issues (such as championing workplace OHS compliancy, collection practices/ protocols and advocating employee wellbeing)
  • Provide rehabilitation options for employees who may be unfit for work
  • Provide educational tools & facilities to assist employees understanding as to what constitutes a safe workplace
  • Streamline FFW management practices by: consistently addressing breaches of FFW policy; outlining ways to increase individual accountability; case managing employees with fitness for work problems through EAP referrals and training
  • Continually review existing FFW programs
  • Seek quality advice on best practice drug and alcohol testing programs and implementation

At CMM Technology, our team of expert consultants has assisted many companies Australia-wide and internationally to develop and implement best practice drug and alcohol testing programs that strengthen their FFW policies.  For more information, call our team of experts on (+618) 9204 2500.

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