Pulling Out The Thorn

Pulling Out The ThornAnybody who has ever had the slightest twinge of withdrawal symptoms can tell you that seeking help and recovery seems to just be too much. If there has ever been anything more than a twinge, but rather very real cravings for the drug of your choice, then you will understand how important it is for the help to begin as soon as possible. Just like pulling out a thorn, it must be done sooner rather than later, and quickly rather than slowly.

Sometimes, when recovering from a particularly bad bout of withdrawal, it can be really helpful to pull out the thorn, so to speak, as a way to distract the mind from withdrawal symptoms. Many people believe in the power of distraction, but scientists have proven that distraction is not so much drawing the attention somewhere else as it is building new and different brain patterns in your head which do not include abuse among their daily thought patterns.

This means that you really have to understand the benefit of distractions, understand how powerful they are, and therefore choose the replacement for your addiction very carefully. If you change out one addiction for another, such a drug addiction for alcohol drinking, or alcohol drinking for cigarette smoking, you are simply shifting aspects without actually dealing with the underlying problem. You must find a healthy way of getting out of your old habits, and that includes exercise, marathon training, swimming, eating good food, and spending time among non-addicted but very sociable friends.

In the meantime, business health can still be maintained by employing drug testing on a regular basis, when you think it is most likely to help. Some companies implement drug testing on a bi-monthly basis, some on a monthly routine, and some on a weekly schedule. The point is that all of your employees must be accurately tested, and you cannot do this without proper urine drug tests and oral fluid drug tests from CMM Technology. We here at CMM Technology really believe in our products, and we are accredited by NATA for breathalyser calibration. Go ahead. Pull out the thorn. Get your employee drug testing program on its way: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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