Publicity and Privacy

We all know what it is like to live a public life and a private life, separate from each other. In fact, it is crucial to maintain this to some extent at the workplace in order to remain professional. However, over a long period of time, the line between these two worlds can become blurred and even very hazy indeed. Fortunately, employee drug testing can assist with this. How so? Well, to begin with, individuals with high clarity and discernment can quite easily maintain this distinction between their private and their public lives. In fact, the higher the IQ and the higher the stress tolerance an individual has, the better they are able to see the value in holding these two parts of their lives completely and totally apart from each other.

Individuals who choose to abuse drugs or alcohol on or near their workplace are more likely to bring their work home with them, including all of their stress and irritation, and are more likely to bring their private lives and personal information onto the jobsite, creating uncomfortable situations among their fellow employees and of course plenty of drama.

Public lives must include social skills and etiquette, in order to successfully and confidently navigate relationships with people whom you do not know very well. Private lives, on the other hand, must include internal motivation to accomplish task when you are all by yourself, as well as skill with intimacy for relationships with people whom you live with and interact on a much more personal level. Unfortunately, drug abuse and alcohol abuse can fool individuals into believing that they only need one of these skill sets in order to operate in both worlds. Fortunately, workplace drug testing assist in identifying and watching such confused individuals, in order to determine their future employment status.

Public lives and private lives are necessary to the growth and development of every individual. Fully developed abilities in both areas of their lives help them to have peace at work and have accomplishment in their homes. This is why CMM Technology offers the finest quality in drug and alcohol testing equipment. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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