Public Tolerance to Advertising

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestEvery day, we are bombarded with billboard advertising, television commercials, internet display ads, and signs along the shelves of grocery and retail stores. Our consumer society creates and regulates the need for a great deal of advertising between competing businesses. Unfortunately, our consumers are immune to over 90% of this advertising, because we have become very accustomed to it. We are so tolerant of it, that advertising is most effective when done in person and when done well. Drug testing, be it workplace drug testing or individual home testing, is another part of the corporate consumer industry which has many businesses competing against each other for your approval.

Drug and alcohol testing equipment has become more important in recent years, because it can be handled by the average manager or employee and it can be used by on-site testing agencies. On-site testing is highly valuable to large businesses, because it does not require time away from work or compensated commute to get tested at a laboratory at a different location. Drug and alcohol testing equipment is perfect for these on-site testing jobs, and businesses enjoy the convenience and efficiency of both.

Many testing agencies and businesses, as well as individuals, order our testing supplies in order to implement drug testing within different industries. We not only receive advertising through the internet, but we also receive recommendations from previous clients attesting to the quality and efficiency of our drug and alcohol testing equipment. When business owners and executives make decisions about their employees’ safety and reliability, they receive information about our services and products from other companies. We are proud of this word-of-mouth advertising, since it is the most reliable form of client acquisition.

Advertising changes over time and each new media brings increased tolerance by the public. Now, if radio stations wish to remain in business, they must limit their advertising and not overextend themselves. Television advertising time increased per hour and then it became too much and TV stations had to cut back. In 2011, internet search engines tweaked their algorithms to disqualify sites which had excessive amounts of advertising on them. At CMM Technology, we value our website blog, and we value the personal recommendations we receive from our clients. We offer high quality breathalyser tests, a variety of drug tests, along with our expert advice any time you would like to call: (+61) 1300 79 70 30

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