Promiscuity and Drug Addiction

Promiscuity has been considered to be a societal problem by conservative societies and a much smaller problem by more liberal, free thinking Promiscuity and Drug Addictionsocieties. Whatever the case, many terms combine the idea of promiscuity and drug addiction together in one statement or label, such as “crack whore,” and so on. The idea is that if someone is truly addicted to drugs, they will do anything to get them, including selling their bodies.

Also, the logic often runs in reverse, as well.

Many people think that if someone is promiscuous, their emotions are so messed up that they have to resort to drugs and alcohol in order to mask their pain of being alone.

The truth is that while both ideas are inherently true, there are usually other underlying circumstances which cause people to resort to one or the other. When a child does not develop a healthy attitude toward their own self esteem and their bodies with their parents, they may feel more valuable when other people look at their “wares,” so to speak. When someone never experienced a stable home environment growing up or they are enduring vast amounts of overwhelming stress for a long period of time, drugs and alcohol are easy tools to use and feel instantly better.

The correlation between drug addiction and promiscuity can actually have several links and several pathways tying them together.

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