Progression of Alcoholism

 Saliva Drug Test, Workplace Drug Test, BreathalyserAlcoholism is a lovely disease which destroys families, physical health and any semblance of a successful career. The progression of alcoholism is a fascinating study, because it shows how the disease consistently and predictably morphs into different stages and forms of sickness in each individual. Everyone goes through similar progression in their alcoholic journey. Drug and alcohol testing is designed to detect illicit substances in any stage of development, but it is particularly easy to administer alcohol testing. Alcohol is so predictably unreliable and dangerous. It is also easily detectable in workplace drug testing. Here are some of the factors of the progression of alcoholism:

It begins as an easy escape to daily stresses. Stress is an unpleasant feeling in both mind and body, and alcohol relieves this stress in the beginning stages. It takes away your mental worry, it reveals the world as a better place in which to live and it increases your endorphin production, leaving you with a nice, safe, warm feeling. This stage does not typically display during workplace drug testing, because the individual tends to only indulge on the weekends or only at the end of the day.

Next, it begins to cover larger, more personal problems. At this stage, alcoholism is already dealing with all of the daily stresses, and you are not taking personal responsibility for any of those. At this point, you will feel more stressed out about larger problems and will begin using alcohol as a full-blown crutch with which to attack these bigger obstacles.

Ah, the beginning stages of denial. This is where true alcoholism begins to form. At this point, you begin to be aware that you are a drunk and you really don’t want to think about it. So you start to find ways to get all of your daily chores done while you are drinking the entire time. You need escape from the fact that you are an alcoholic, and you use alcohol as your method of escape. This is what is cheerfully known as a downward spiral. Happy drinking!

Employee drug and alcohol testing is here to make sure that any progression of alcoholism is weeded out and made known to business operators and owners. Their main objective is maintaining safety within their business. This is why we offer breathalyser tests and drug tests for your workplace drug testing needs. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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