Product Focus – The Redline Breathalyser

alert J5 personal breathalyser, lion alcoblowThe Redline Breathalyser is one of the most affordable, convenient and guiding disposable breath testers on the Australian market today. With a tried and true history of use by the French Gendarmerie, it stands as a cost-effective and very economical option for businesses and industries that require a competitive and affordable drug-testing solution.

This breathalyser, supplied by CMM Technology, is in fact the only disposable device that accords with the accuracy and reliability requirement of the Australian Standard: AS 3547-1997 Type 1. And it is calibrated to meet with all Australian requirements.


CMM Technology sources products that have reliability at the core of their reputation. The Redline Breathalyser was originally devised for police use in France, and to this day is still outlined as one of the preferred preliminary roadside alcohol screeners by French police as well as law enforcement agencies in Israel, Italy and many other countries. In Europe it is conveniently sold as an individual breathalyser measure option that can be bought from leading grocery, supermarkets, pharmacies and service stations across Europe.


Perhaps one of the most important features of the Redline Breathalyser is its usability and ease. Unlike some other testing units that require full training and thorough knowledge, the Redline allows anyone, anywhere to use it to gauge their own alcohol consumption or the alcohol consumption or lack thereof of their employees.

Step by Step instructions are

  • Snap off both ends and empty harmless white silica crystals
  • Use ONE continuous breath to fully inflate the bag
  • Insert white cap end of tester into white neck of fully inflated bag
  • Use both hands to squeeze breath from bag slowly through the tester tube
  • Evaluate results under good light, within 2 minutes of test being taken
  • Under the limit reading – no greening of crystals or minor amount of greened crystals has not reached the red line
  • Over limit reading indicated by distinct green colour change of yellow crystals all the way up to the red line or beyond

In Australia, most people remain unclear about and unaware that blood alcohol concentrations can in fact vary from individual to individual.  While the standard guideline in relation to driving is a blood alcohol reading of .05% – equating to no more than 2 standard drinks in the first hours and one per hour after that (for males) and no more than one standard drink per hour for women – this remains a guideline and definitive BAC’s cannot be generalized.

Further detail on BAC’s need to incorporate accurate information about body size and a number of other factors. The Australian Drug Foundation lists these as:

  • “Body Size – for the same amount of alcohol consumed, a smaller person will have a higher BAC that a larger person because the alcohol is concentrated in a smaller body mass
  • Body Fat – people with a lot of body fat tend to have higher BAC. Alcohol is not absorbed into fatty tissue, so the alcohol is concentrated in a smaller body mass
  • Sex – Being female will almost always mean you have a higher BAC than a man who has consumed exactly the same amount of alcohol as you.
  • Being Young – younger, less experienced drinkers may have a lower tolerance and so their BAC may rise faster than older drinkers
  • Empty stomach – a person with an empty stomach will reach a higher BAC than someone who has just eaten a meal.”[1]

To monitor your blood alcohol concentration levels, whether in the workplace setting or individually and privately, source quality test products such as the Redline Breathalyser supplied by CMM Technology. Phone CMM Technology on +618 9204 2500

[1] DrugInfoClearinghouse (ADF)

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