Procrastination and Personal Satisfaction

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Alcohol TestProcrastination certainly has a bad reputation, especially in the workplace. If you put off something which you are supposed to be doing next or right away or today, then you may be labeled as lazy, scared, fearful of success, afraid of failure, unable to handle reality, and so on. Understandably, nobody really wishes to be labeled as a procrastinator by others. However, this trait does not affect how others see you nearly as much as it affects your own life. Procrastination does indeed indicate that you are unable to handle the current problem or task yourself, but more than that, it preys upon personal satisfaction. It preys upon one’s self satisfaction.

Personal satisfaction in the workplace can rarely be obtained through external gratification. While you may be pleased with yourself when you help someone with their workload or satisfy requirements set down by the boss, it is temporary and may not give you satisfaction in the future when remembering the good deed. Instead, personal achievement of one’s individually set goals brings the greatest amount of satisfaction and these goals tend to come first on our list of priorities, above those of the boss or anyone else. Procrastination is most likely to occur when someone thwarts their individual goals for the goals of others, and rearranges the priorities in someone else’s favor.

Does that mean that it is okay to be selfish? In a sense, yes, but this must be explained further. Often, when someone puts their own needs ahead of others, they are deemed selfish, but this may not be the case. They may not be making the needs of others unimportant, but simply arranging which needs are satisfied first and which are satisfied second. It may not mean that they are ignoring everyone else altogether.

Workplace drug testing helps you to set limits on employee behavior and define exactly when and where they are allowed to be affected by alcohol or drug abuse, i.e. not in your company. Perhaps the causes for procrastination are behind this, and perhaps not. Either way, you have a responsibility to yourself and to your employees to keep everyone as safe as possible. Contact CMM Technology today for further information on drug and alcohol testing equipment in Western Australia: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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