Private Space

We all value our private space, even if some of us are extroverts. However, not many of us get as much private space as we really need. Yes, we said “need.” Private space, or solitude, is something which allows us to refuel ourselves and refill our engines, so to speak, with more fuel and get our bearings and decide in which direction we would like to navigate. This solitude is necessary on several levels, but we cannot fully appreciate it unless we examine those levels.

Solitudes helps us to regain lost power or the feeling of lost power. When someone gives us horrible news or insults us or betrays us, it is really important to find solitude to decide how this new information will figure into your future behavior and all of your current relationships. It is essentially reshaping yourself so that the perpetrator no longer has a place in your life, if that is what you choose to occur.

Solitude helps us to amplify our resources. Whatever our talents, or whatever our personal strengths, solitude helps us to focus on those, making them more concentrated, spreading our horizons, and giving us the ability to wield these talents with greater skill. While performance of a piano piece may occur in public, practice is usually best in solitude.

Private space helps to give us perspective. When we are continually surrounded by friends, spouses, children, activities, news, media, etc, we often lose perspective on the world around us because we are too close to our targets. Solitude gives us space to reflect on what is going on around us and to consider what really is important and what is just another distraction.

When we are deprived of this private space, and most of us are, we find it necessary to escape from reality in other ways, such as drug abuse or alcoholism. Fortunately, this does not have to occur in your business if you implement drug and alcohol testing procedures.

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