Private Education at Home

Drug test equipmentEducation at your house is some of the most powerful learning that you can have. Education requires a dedicated time spent on learning and experiencing new things. When not restrained by deadlines and when internally motivated to get things done, rather than being coaxed and prodded along a specific course plan, self education is one of the most valuable ways to build self esteem and self respect.

This is because any sustained and carefully planned betterment of the self acts powerfully upon self esteem and the respect we hold for ourselves. It is the same as when you cultivate growth in a garden, causing the plants to grow better and stronger and larger.

Self education can get a bad rap if it is tied to online higher education colleges. There is still somewhat of a stigma about getting an online education from an online university. However, simply reading and educating yourself without a formal course structure is considered the actions of an intellectual.

Original thought is necessary in business.

You cannot successfully navigate even the most mundane of jobs without using original thought. However, drug and alcohol abuse can modify and warp original thought into very unproductive states.

CMM Technology provides drug test equipment, along with breathalyser recalibration service, to businesses throughout Australia. We help you make your company part of a growth process, where your employees learn instead of become lethargic. Employee drug testing is extremely effective for determining who is fit for duty and who is leaving themselves behind. Our ToxSure saliva drug test definitely takes care of this need. You can evaluate your employees using a scientific method, rather than guesswork and subjective opinions. This leads to honest results, not just evaluations based upon personal bias. It is so important to keep everything straightforward, so that your decisions can be made based upon facts, and not someone else’s fiction.

Personal education involves both objectivity and subjectivity. Employees who are not fit for duty can be hazardous to your company, and this should be determined through objective methods. After that, your decisions based upon those drug testing results can be as subjective as you would like them to be. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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