Pregnant Employees

Breathalyser Recalibration ServiceMothers-to-be on your staff are always wonderful additions to your workplace. New hope, new growth, and the ever present excitement in the air are great to be around and enjoy, even if it is not you. Many companies offer benefits, time off, or various types of health coverage for new mums and this is to ensure the health of the mother, as well as that of the child. Speaking strictly in business terms, if both mother and child are happy and healthy, then less time is taken off of work and the more productive the working mother is. Fortunately, most women have a vested interested in making sure that their offspring and their own bodies are in good working condition at all times. In fact, studies of teen pregnancies indicate that teen mothers often quit their drinking or drug addiction when they find out that they are pregnant. Obviously, the maternal instinct is quite strong.

Unfortunately, employee drug testing has found that not all mothers-to-be care quite this much or possess this all-encompassing mother instinct. Even the most innocent of smiles can hide an apathetic view of the situation. This does not necessarily mean that these women (or girls) are monsters. Depending upon their home life, their high school life, or their circle of friends, having a baby may seem like more of a hobby or something to do to pass the time rather than the great responsibility that it is. Even after parenthood, some women simply do not feel the bond with their child that others do, and may seem to care less. Workplace drug and alcohol testing can prove whether this is just a lack of connection or if the mother has returned to a previous abusive habit.

Abuse comes in many forms and sometimes it comes in the form of neglect. Living creatures need nutrition, but they also need nurturing and to be trained up in the way that they should grow. This applies to all life forms. Employee drug testing is in the best interest of the company, but it also protects individual employees. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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