Power Plays by the Powerless

When powerless individuals who really feel their helplessness seek revenge, the results can be devastating. We are not talking about blowing things up or Urine drug testannihilating entire blocks of a city, but on a more personal level than that. Powerless people cause a lot of destruction when they do not understand how to build themselves back up on the inside, which is the only way to regain power, by the way.

The first power play to expect is that of victimhood. Complaining about what they are not getting and about who is not treating them fairly is the habit of the novice weakling.

Secondly, they are likely to engage in some vicious gossip. This does not have to necessarily be about anyone in particular, as long as someone else’s reputation is hurt, and they look better for telling everyone about it. It is important to go from prey to predator in their minds, because weakness is not tolerated at this particular level.

After a powerless individual evolves for a while, they may be able to cover their tracks a lot better, and really look good while spreading their lies around. This means that they must be nice a good fifty percent of the time in order to look benevolent and friendly, and they will begin to ask subtler questions in public which really hit someone’s reputation a lot harder, especially in the eyes of authority figures in the company.

Lastly, the ultimate backlash of a powerless individual comes when they actually achieve a high ranking position, but are still pulling the same abuse of what little power they possess, just as they did previously. Good employees will end up leaving the company, while bad employees may become corrupt.

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