Post-EAP Reactions

Drug Test, Drug Testing, Saliva Drug TestEmployee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are available for staff members to use in the event that they are suffering from or have the potential of suffering from drug abuse or alcoholism. EAPs are there to help current drug and alcohol addicts, former addicts, and employees with addicted family members. It is, in short, a support group designed to cut down on corporate employee turnover due to substance abuse. You can bet that if a company has an EAP, it also uses regular drug and alcohol testing for its employees. Workplace drug testing has helped keep companies safe for almost two decades now, and employee assistance programs are partially responsible for better employee health. Unfortunately, sometimes individuals who are in EAPs encounter a negative reaction when entering the workplace.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, obsessive compulsive disorder, nervous ticks, and inept social interactions are all results of low emotional maturity. Society has always taken a Darwinian approach to handling “outsiders,” rejects, or what some call losers. If the individual is not correctly following the rules, then they are ostracized by their peers. Employee assistance programs are self-help options for addicts or potential addicts, and we would like to go on the record as saying that it is always commendable to seek help for internal complications or failures. Unfortunately, “druggies” may not receive this type of support and understanding when they come into work after their involvement with an employee assistance program is made known. This is why workplace drug testing is such a positive reinforcement of an individual’s reputation. Drug and alcohol testing will help current employees to see each other as positive, functional members of society. Employee pre screening tests help reinforce positive personal choices to stay clean and facilitate a drug free workplace.

Help your employees to stay drug free and to keep their work performance at a high level. Set an example for their choice to seek help by encouraging them in their progress and helping them to feel connected with the community around them. Be sure to include them in activities and keep an eye out for any negative reactions to their fragile state. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is not just about protecting assets; it’s about fostering a positive, growing family environment where team members feel included and wanted. CMM Technology offers high quality breathalyser devices sucn as the Lifeloc range and Oraline and Medix drug tests to help you achieve this goal. Contact us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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