Positive Relationships and Substance Abuse

Recalibration Service, BreathalyserPositive relationships contribute to our lives in many different ways. They can inspire us to do better, motivate us to grow and become more mature and skilled in our talents, and they can give us a strong feeling of warmth and community, which can act as a foundation for us. Drug and alcohol testing is one of the most convenient aspects of a business, at least as far as the employee is concerned. Whether or not they complain about having to do it, workplace drug testing fulfills a necessary role in backing up what small amount of self control and determination some of us have. Drug testing helps you to just go about work without having to make a conscious choice to avoid abusive behavior. In conservative society, the threat of being caught is enough to make most individuals never wish to risk it. In this way, drug and alcohol screening almost does the work, or at least the self control part of it, for you.

In less conservative societies, operating against the rule is the popular and almost the expected thing to do. This is often the case in high hazard industries, where cunning, intelligence and survival are all necessary in order to handle and deal with the daily strain of the hazardous industry. In less conservative societies, individuals benefit the most from these above mentioned positive relationships. Since personal interaction is what carries the most clout, you may not be able to expect obedience simply because you have clearly defined the rules. A relationship of honesty, trust and respect must be developed and cultured over time. Drug and alcohol testing is the supporting beam, and your excellent leadership is the house built around it.

In both scenarios, employee drug testing is used with beneficial effect. While enforcing the rules is necessary for every business operation, these positive relationships are beneficial in reducing stress and in fulfilling necessary work tasks without getting personal. Call CMM Technology today to find out more about how drug and alcohol testing equipment can both support rules and foster positive interaction in the workplace: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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