Points to consider when implementing a successful OHS program

There are certain aspects which ensure an OHS program’s success. For example, the cultivation of a “culture of compliancy” throughout an organisation assists to greatly improve the effectiveness of a quality risk management system. Some other points to consider include:

  • Demonstration of CEO and executive level commitment
  • Consistent promotion and effective communications on the topic of workplace safety and health throughout an organisation
  • Opportunities for cost-effective OHS related professional development and training of employees
  • Provision of adequate protective attire and safety equipment
  • Establishment of workplace access to medical or first aid diagnostic and treatment facilities
  • Designing comprehensive risk management systems which allow regular recording, assessment, auditing, analysis and policy development in order to continually improve OHS processes, systems and protocols
  • Instituting regular consultation and checking mechanisms to help proactively monitor, investigate and prevent  potential OHS breaches and accidents
  • Integrating various OHS approaches into a streamlined manageable system
  • Addressing accidents/ injury/ disease, rehabilitation and workers’ compensation in a proactive way.

Overall, a good OHS program should provide employees with clear and practical OHS policy guidelines. This can be achieved through adequate OHS induction, regular OHS meetings and training.

Overall, CMM Technology’s workplace drug and alcohol testing solutions greatly contribute towards improving your workplace’s OHS compliancy and risk management success. We offer quality, innovative and cost competitive OHS solutions for organisations and businesses that require a robust and highly effective response to workplace safety and health concerns. Moreover, our comprehensive range of testing technologies and support services are individually designed to meet both the strategic and operational needs of our clients.

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* Source: Human resources management: strategies and processes (5th Ed)

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