Playing the Lying Game

Drug Test, Drug TestingEmployees can be dishonest and when this occurs, it can be a liability to the company depending upon how they act on or deal with this dishonesty. Even a little dishonesty when communicating information can leave people in charge with the incorrect idea or understanding of what is going on and what should be done to deal with it. Dishonesty is most often engaged in when an employee feels that their reputation or job or integrity is threatened and they seek to cover this up. People lie to gain, to cover, or to protect. On the jobsite, the most oft used reason is to cover incorrect actions or lack of appropriate action. Often, this is given in the form of an excuse after the fact, but sometimes, lying is used before the fact when the employee is able to make sure that their actions do not affect the company itself or other coworkers. For example, giving excuses after receiving a negative drug test is bad. Lying about being clean, followed by causing harm or danger to others while under the influence, is much worse. Dishonesty must be dealt with appropriately, or one employee can cause a great deal of destruction to the entire company. This is why drug and alcohol testing is such a wonderful solution for your business. It validates which employees are taking their jobs seriously and which are liabilities on the jobsite.

Businesses which face large losses due to dishonest employees are somewhat covered by insurance. Usually, these claims cover loss due to a thief which happens to be an employee. However, there are many things which you can do to protect your assets in the first place, before this becomes a problem. Employee drug and alcohol screening is one of the best ways you can maintain control over how your business is run, and keep an eye on how progress is coming along. Dishonesty may be inevitable in your staff members, simply because they are human. However, a good drug and alcohol testing program at work will ensure that everyone stays safe and clean and competent to perform their job duties. Call CMM Technology today: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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