Playing Nicely with Others

Employee drug testingIt’s very important to get along well at work, but we have all been in situations where that was well nigh impossible. After all, you are all working for hours on end every day together, and the familiarity can, indeed, breed contempt. Fortunately, things don’t have to get any worse than that. Professionalism, decorum, and civility all play a part in bringing peace around once more when tensions rise.

As children, we are taught to play nicely with other children. Kids don’t know a lot about what boundaries should not be crossed and how to repair temporarily broken friendships. Adults, however, know a lot better. It is vital to exercise self restraint in negative situations to avoid making things worse. That is why drug and alcohol abuse are prohibited from company grounds and during working hours. These drugs affect your reasoning and take away you ability to properly gauge a situation and think of an appropriate, non-aggressive way of handling it.

We provide drug testing, complete with built in adulterant tests, and breathalyser devices, along with breathalyser recalibration service. We are your full service station for employee drug testing, and we are proud to serve business in Australia. We ship all over our country, and we provide really high quality urine drug tests and saliva drug tests. We recommend our ToxSure saliva drug test, in fact.

Exercise self restraint and control over our emotions is something which is difficult for people who have their head on straight and who have plenty of emotional intelligence. For those of us who abuse drugs or alcohol, however, holding our temper in can seem impossible and even undesirable.

This is not an appropriate attitude to have on the jobsite.

While you are working on building your employee base and growing your business to reach new financial heights, remember the necessity of drug testing in these areas of new growth. Without standards, these new twigs will wilt and the branches will wither. You must keep testing your staff in order to assure workplace safety, as well as to encourage coworkers to get along well with each other. There really is no better way to accomplish this than with our products. Call us today to order your testing kits: (+61) 1300 79 70 30.

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