Planning for the Holidays

Planning for the HolidaysAt any point during the year, there are holidays which are on the horizon and which are planned for by your company. Here are some tips for planning for the holidays, no matter when they might arise:

1. Look up company policy. At any time, you should be aware of your particular business’ drinking policy, partying policy, and any policies which may be in effect concerning inebriation, inappropriate behavior, and harder rule breaking, such as drug abuse or carrying of illicit drugs onto company property.

2. Schedule office/job site parties at least two weeks in advance. There is something mentally anarchistic about the sudden onset of makeshift, last minute parties, and this can lead to relaxation of company policy and obedience of the rules. This is not to say that you should be a stickler, but that you should plan ahead so that everyone knows what to expect.

3. Always be aware. This is a particularly appropriate rule for anyone who is afraid of being taken advantage of or of stepping too far over the line during bouts of inebriation. Awareness increases the likelihood that you will make your holiday celebrations poignant, enjoyable and fun, while also not making mistakes which you will regret down the road.

4. Plan post party activities. This is a two-fold rule. First, if you have something planned for after holiday parties, then you are less likely to engage in binge drinking or drug abusing. Second, if you are keeping the evenings and days after the party in mind, you are less likely to sink all of your celebration into just one event. The neediness may decrease.

5. Update your CMM equipment. The cost of drug and alcohol testing is cheap with us, and our drug tests and Alert J5 personal breathalysers are perfect for your regular and post-holiday drug and alcohol screening. Make sure you have plenty of testing equipment on reserve so that you do not have to wait to continue with your regular testing.

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